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Code of Conduct

The Chilwell School Code of Conduct

Chilwell school has a strong school ethos: Care, Share, Believe, Achieve.


For everyone to achieve their full potential it is essential that all pupils follow the Code of Conduct.

  1. Be punctual to school and all lessons.
  • Good punctuality is important to allow lessons and learning to start quickly.


  1. Bring the correct equipment.
  • All pupils should have a pen, pencil, ruler, compass, protractor and calculator. Other items such as colouring crayons are useful.


  1. Be polite to everyone.
  • Manners cost nothing and everyone appreciates being spoken to politely and treated with respect. Hold doors open, say please and thank you, offer to help others.


  1. Follow all instructions from members of staff.
  • Everyone will achieve more if their learning is not disrupted by pupils who don’t follow instructions from members of staff.


  1. Move calmly around the building and grounds.
  • To help everyone move around school quickly and calmly, always keep to the side on the corridors and follow the school one way system.


  1. Present your work neatly.
  • All written work should be completed in black pen. All work should have a date and title, which have been underlined. Diagrams should be drawn in pencil. Any mistakes should be neatly crossed out.


  1. Wear your uniform with pride
  • All pupils should wear their full school uniform during the school day. Jackets must be worn when entering and leaving classrooms, but can be taken off during lessons at the discretion of the teacher.


  1. Ensure all electronic items are turned off and in your bag.
  • The use of mobile phones and other electronic items is not permitted in school.


  1. Consider our environment
  • We have a beautiful school site – dropping litter or deliberately causing damage will spoil our environment. Be responsible.


  1. Respect Everyone
  • Respecting everyone’s ideas, beliefs and personal space, ensures that everyone feels valued and safe.


The Consequence System

Behaviour is a choice with a consequence. Chilwell School has a clear consequence system for pupils who choose not to follow the Code of Conduct.

The Consequence System is displayed in every classroom and followed by all staff.


Consequence Pyramid