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Teachers use a range of rewards and positive praise within the classroom, including individual feedback, stickers, achievement points, certificates and postcards sent home.

In addition, each term your teachers will complete a Progress Review, at this point they will collate all your assessment data and make a professional judgement relating to your attainment and progress.


Your teachers will also give you an Attitude to Learning (A2L) score.


A2L ScoreA2L DescriptionA2L Criteria
Consistently tries to do more than is expected and is always on task in lessons; their primary aim is to contribute positively and effectively to all areas of class activity. Respectful and polite to staff and peers at all times. Always completes homework and meets all deadlines, using initiative to solve any difficulties.


Does what is expected and regularly tries to do more than is expected, remains focused on set tasks; often makes effective contributions to class activities. Has a positive working relationship with staff and peers. Completes homework and usually meets deadlines, pro-actively seeking support where needed to ensure that this happens.
3Requires Improvement
Work that is complete usually only meets the most basic needs of the task displaying minimum amount of effort needed. Sometimes tries to contribute to class activities but can be distracted and/or doesn’t prioritise learning. Homework sometimes complete.
Little or no attempt made to remain on task and complete work set. Rarely contributes positively to class activities, sometimes actively striving to disrupt others. Attitude to staff and peers is a concern. Homework is often incomplete or not attempted.



Your A2L scores will be totalled across all subject areas to arrive at an overall point score. This will then be averaged against the number of subjects you study.

  • the top 10% of pupils with the best A2L score at each data point will receive a Gold A2L Certificate to recognise their excellent efforts
  • the next 10% of pupils will receive a Silver A2L Certificate
  • the next 10% of pupils will receive a Bronze A2L Certificate


Pupils who achieve a Gold A2L Award in every assessment point in the year, will be awarded The Governors Platinum A2L Award at the end of the academic year.

Your ATTITUDE will determine your ALTITUDE!