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School Day

The Chilwell School day is organised into six lessons, each 50 minutes in length. Some subjects, such as PE and Technology, may have double lessons.


Registration8:559:10 am
Lesson 19:1010:00 am
Lesson 210:0010:50 am
Break10:5011:10 am
Lesson 311:1012:00 pm
Lesson 412:0012:50 pm
Lunch12:501:30 pm
Lesson 51:302:20 pm
Lesson 62:203:10 pm


Attending registration is a legal requirement and it is your duty to arrive promptly at your tutor room. During registration important notices and information are often given out to the tutor group.
Each Year Group will have a weekly assembly during registration time in the School Theatre. Assemblies are a time for us to reflect on issues which concern us, celebrate our achievements and consider how we might improve.
Please see the specific Year Group page in the Pastoral section for full details of registration activities and assembly schedule.


Lessons are the most important time of the school day. It is vital for your future that you receive the best education possible. Please ensure that you arrive promptly to each lesson, fully equipped and ready to engage with learning.


Movement Around School
It is vitally important that you behave sensibly when moving along corridors and around school. Please ensure that you walk, calmly and always follow the one-way system.


Break and Lunchtime
Both Dining Rooms are open at break and lunchtime to serve food and drinks, please click Catering for more details.
At both break and lunch time, pupils are encouraged to enjoy our outside spaces. In summer the School Field is opened for pupils to use at lunchtime.
Pupils are not allowed off-site at either break or lunchtime, without prior written permission.

In the event of poor weather, designated Year Areas will be opened and supervised at lunchtime.