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The majority of our pupils walk to school and we encourage this as part of a healthy lifestyle. Safety is our main priority and pupils should ensure they walk with awareness and care. Pupils must always use the pedestrian bridge when crossing Queens Road West. Pupils are not permitted to walk down the school driveway because there is no pavement.



Many pupils cycle to school and are encouraged to do so. Pupils should, where possible, use cycle lanes/paths and always ride with care and awareness of traffic. Pupils are not permitted to cycle across the pedestrian bridge and will be asked to dismount. Pupils are encouraged to wear cycle helmets and high visibility clothing. There are facilities outside school for pupils to secure their bikes during the day and we recommend the use of a D-Lock.



Parents who drive their children to school are asked to observe the speed limit on the school drive and only stop in the designated areas to drop off their children.



Many bus services can be used by pupils to travel to school. In addition, Nottinghamshire County Council has a contract with Silverdale to operate a bus service, exclusively for Chilwell School. This service (63a) operates both in the morning and afterschool.



Beeston, Derby Road/Wollaton Road0810 (dept)
Beeston, Bus Station (Station Rd)0815
Lilac Grove, Boots Island0822
Beech Avenue0824
Meadow Road, Lindon Grove0826
Chilwell School0830 (arr)





Chilwell School1530  (dept)
Meadow Road, Linden Grove1535
Beech Avenue1537
Lilac Grove, Boots Island1539
Beeston, Bus Station (Station Road)1547
Beeston, Derby Road/Wollaton Road1552


Further information regarding travel to school can e found on the Nottinghshire County Council website