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Curriculum Overview





We believe in and offer an inclusive curriculum that is broad and balanced.

Students are set by ability based on their Key Stage 2 assessed teacher levels in English, Maths and Science on entry to the school.

A small number of students will be placed in our nurture group. These students are identified in conjunction with their primary schools and parents during Year 6.   This group is for students who are likely to find the transition to Secondary School challenging due to their emotional needs and vulnerability. Students follow an individualised timetable with the aim to gradually integrate them into mainstream classes by the end of Year 7.

All students also follow Modern foreign languages, History, Geography, RE, Creative Technologies (Food technology, resistant materials, ICT), PE, Drama, Art, Art Textiles, Music and PSHE courses. They are in mixed ability groups for these subjects.

We have one-to-one tutors in Numeracy and Literacy who support FSM pupils who need additional support with these skills to ensure progress.



All students follow Maths, English, English Literature and Science GCSE.

Our expectation is that the vast majority of our students will follow a GCSE based curriculum with alternative courses available for students whose need is more vocational. (Childcare, construction etc.)

Physical Education is taken by all students..

Along with these courses students may opt from the current pattern to personalise their curriculum pathway accordingly

(Options are subject to an annual review)

We would always recommend the choice of a language or humanities based subject for those students with a desire to apply for a University place in the future.